Family Medicine Specialist

Family Medicine services offered in Maricopa, AZ

Family medicine offers the chance to receive care from a provider skilled in assisting people of all ages. It’s the preferred method of practice for JoAnn Vitiello, FNP-C, of Vitiello Primary Care in Maricopa, Arizona. If you’re searching for outstanding care from a provider who strives to get to know you, call the office to book a consultation. Online scheduling is also an option and takes just moments to complete.

What is family medicine?

Family medicine is a type of medical practice focused on providing care to people of all ages and in all phases of life. Practitioners who specialize in family medicine have training and experience working with both children and adults. 


Vitiello Primary Care welcomes all patients 16 years of age and older. Adults can receive excellent health services regardless of whether they’re in early adulthood, middle age, retirement, or old age.


The ability to work with the same provider as you move through the phases of life can be incredibly beneficial. Once you find a practitioner whom you know and trust, health care becomes more comfortable and efficient. JoAnn strives to get to know everyone who entrusts her with their care.

What kinds of services are available through family medicine?

Family care offers a wide range of health services. Preventive health is the starting point. Through comprehensive physical exams and routine screenings, you’ll receive all the information needed to shape your care. 


If you have one or more types of chronic disease, chronic disease management offers the chance to improve your daily quality of life. JoAnn works closely with you to determine how well your body is currently functioning, then charts a course for improvement. 


Acute care and internal medicine are also part of family medicine. When an illness or injury arises, JoAnn is there to provide prompt and accurate diagnostic and treatment services. 

What if I need to see a specialist?

From time to time it may be necessary to work with a specialist. If you require specialized care, JoAnn can help you find the right practitioner for your needs. As you move through the process, she remains in close contact with your extended care team. 


This ensures that your specialist has all the information from your personal medical record and can shape your care accordingly. It also helps support continuity of care as you transition back into primary care.


Once your specialized treatment is complete, the details are added to your medical record. This living document becomes an invaluable resource over time, tracking and guiding your health and wellness.


When you’re ready to begin working with a caring and compassionate family medicine practitioner, call or click to schedule a meeting with JoAnn at Vitiello Primary Care.